The BracketEars® Story


“It’s not enough to be smart.

You have to have a good heart.”


Launched in 2012, Bracket Ears, LLC

is the brainchild of the Crafton kids,

Gigi, McKenzie and Christopher, the

children of two dentists in Maryland

who treat many patients with autism.


Christopher and his dad participated in a 106 mile bike ride to raise money for autism. The kids had met many of the children and their families and wanted to find a way to make  a difference, and not simply through a single event, but in a sustainable way  over time.   One autumn day, sitting around the kitchen table with their dad, the kids thought of a way.  They would start a company that creates orthodontically themed jewelry, and call it “Bracket Ears,”  after the brackets that their dad uses during the treatment of orthodontic patients.   The mission of Bracket ears is simple:  “ to give back.”  This mission would be realized through the creation and sale of  earrings  made out of the same high quality surgical steel as braces. The earrings would come with colorful bands that could be  matched with those in braces.  (So that the wearers could match their style with their smile.”)   Their father, Dr. Casey Crafton made his kids’ dream real. He had the earrings patented, visited many factories until he found one that  could produce high quality jewelry in large quantities and BracketEars® was born.


Introduced  in 2013 at the American Association  of Orthodontists conference in Philly, the earrings sold out-  3,000 pairs in three days!  The Craftons were on to something! Within two years, the company has gone global, selling to dentists and other medical professionals  on both sides of the Atlantic.  With this initial success came the demand from additional markets.  Now BracketEars® sells not only to dentists, but also to retail vendors, non-profit organizations and direct sales to the public.


With increased demand, Gigi and Mac have added additional products to the line.  The company now offers, in addition to earrings, bracelets, whimsical charms and other orthodontically themed jewelry.  Bracket Ears has broadened its mission to include any worthy  cause that would like to partner  to raise funds and awareness.  When Bracket Ears partners with vendors, we allow our vendors to choose  the cause they wish to support. To date,  Bracket Ears  jewelry has been used to support such non profits as Autism Speaks, Bike to the Beach, Howard County  Autism Society,  Susan B. Komen, War Dogs, Heart Association.  The Bracket Ears story has been featured  in local papers and on television,  and its example has inspired other young people to feel their power and work for a cause.


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