The Lisa Classic


Two Styles | Two Colors| Infinite Possibilities


Our signature earring, The LISA comes in two styles.

Our patented orthodontically themed bracket earrings are available with colorful bands or with cubic zirconia.  Made from high quality, hypo-allergenic surgical steel, our earrings are safe for most wearers, even for those allergic to nickel.  Available in silver and gold toned brackets. Free shipping for orders over $50.



A top seller to dentists, the Lisa Classic comes with 40 colorful bands (10 blue, 10 green, 10 red,10 yellow), which, when affixed to earrings, enables the brace wearer to

literally “match your smile with your style.”   Popular now with everyone, alike, The Lisa arrives in our signature Bracket Ears orange and aqua gift box.   Additional bands are available.  The Dolly (described below) is an identical version of The Lisa, customized for dolls.


The Lisa Classic Earring Silver $19.95

The Lisa Classic

Earring Gold $19.95

The Lisa B


Every girl’s best friend…

Like the look of diamonds?  Then you’ll love our Lisa B’s!


Beautiful in their simplicity, Lisa B earrings offer a single

brilliant cubic zirconia encased in gold or silver-toned

hypo-allergenic surgical steel.   Pair Lisa B’s with Mac

or Gigi bracelets, for a stand out look day or night,

in any crowd.


Earring colors:  Silver or Gold -toned


Shipped in our signature BracketEars® gift box.

Free shipping for orders over $50.

The Silver Lisa B Earring  $20.95

The Gold Lisa B Earring $20.95

The Dolly


Now mom and doll can look alike. Dollies are identical

to Lisa Classics,  just a lot smaller to fit a doll's ears.

Like Lisa Classics, Dollies come with 40 colorful bands.

Available in silver brackets only.

Free shipping for orders over $50.

The Dolly

For The American Girl


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