Frequently Asked Questions about BracketEars®

  • Why BracketEars?

    Just another cool way to make a fashion statement and join the fight against Autism.

  • Why were they developed?

    Because most young girls love the idea of mixing and matching the colors of their earrings to their outfits.

  • Who developed the idea?

    A dentist and his daughters developed the idea.

  • Who receives the earrings?

    Any patient starting Orthodontic treatment can receive a pair as part of their treatment.

  • How can I get more colors?

    Multi-color packs are available at

  • Which patients seem most interested in the earrings?

    The 8-13 year old patients seem to be most intrigued with the idea. Although, we have

    had older patients and adults who have enthusiastically endorsed the product.

  • Is the idea patented?

    Yes the product is patented in both the US and in China.

    US Patents    D660,743S     8,683.862    D715,686S

  • What are they made of?

    Hypo-allergenic surgical steel.

  • What are the different colored ties made from?

    Non-latex plastic. The same quality ligature tie used on your braces.

  • Do you have any additional products other than earrings?

    Of course, we are currently working on expanding the line with Bracelets. They include bracelets and charms

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