OrthAzone, the leading orthodontic supply marketplace and software solutions, announced today a new partnership with BracketEars, maker of high quality ortho-themed jewelry. This partnership offers a proven reward/promotion system that help doctors grow their practice.

BracketEars orthodontic-themed products add fun to the office experience, build loyal relationships and promote the practice throughout the community.  Since its founding in 2013, BracketEars has been helping orthodontists, pediatric dentists and general dentists grow their practice through new, repeat and referral business.  BracketEars Classics, which launched this week, is a patented giveaway that lets young patients “match their smile with the smile.”

BracketEars President, Dr. Casey Crafton said, “We’re excited to be teaming with OrthAzone.  Being on OrthAzone.com enables us to reach orthodontists and their teams who are open to new ideas for enhancing the patient experience and growing the practice. We look forward to this collaboration which benefits our current and future customers.”

Dr. Maryann Kriger DDS. Cofounder and President of OrthAzone states, “We are excited to be able to offer BracketEars products on OrthAzone. BracketEars is a unique rewards and promotional system with quality giveaways.  We’ve had numerous dentists ask for BracketEars, especially after AAO conferences. We all want to WOW our patients and Bracket Ears does that, both as a reward in the office and in the community.  The partnership with Bracket Ears fits with our commitment to provide access to high quality brands and products.”

About www.BracketEars.com

BracketEars is a Maryland-based family-owned and operated company that develops, manufactures and markets high quality, orthodontically-themed jewelry to help orthodontists and pediatric dentists grow their practice. Since 2013, BracketEars has helped orthodontists develop loyal relationships and their practices through quality,  ortho-themed rewards and promotional products.   The  BracketEars System has over 100+ pieces, enhancing engagement with each visit and promotion outside of the office.  Started by teen sisters Gigi and Mckenzie Crafton as a way to raise dollars to help children with autism, like the ones they had met so often in the office of their pediatric dentist dad, the company sells to doctors throughout the US, Europe and South America.  BracketEars is a socially responsible company.  A portion of the sale of every  product is donated to autism-related causes as well as non-profits that fund dental education and oral care services for those who cannot afford it.

About www.OrthAzone.com

OrthAzone is a simple comprehensive orthodontic supply marketplace and software solutions – a single place to find hundreds of brands and supplies, as well as a Smart Dashboard for overhead analysis. OrthAzone commits to carrying only FDA-registered products at affordable prices and works directly with manufactures saving 30-60% on every order – with a low flat shipping fee.