Our Charms

Two styles Roxie & Bracket Budz™ | Over 100 designs | Customization available


These attachments fit snuggly over the bracket, making a “button” earring. They are made to be used with our Classic earrings and also fit over our unisex small Lapel Pin.  Available for all collections, except  Holidays, which come only in Roxie design.

The Roxie

Drop down attachments affix to any of our earrings.  The beauty of Roxies is that you get a whimsical charm and still see the shiny bracket, making this design a favorite with orthodontists who give to their patients. Choose from 8 collections, including our most popular collection, Licensed Collegiate.  


BracketEars® partners with schools, teams and other organizations to raise dollars and awareness. Ask us about creating BUDz or Roxie attachments with your team’s logo, mascot or any design to fit your organization or event. For more information, call, e-mail or ask us on Facebook.