We’re proud of what professionals have said!

“Bracket Ears are one of the greatest promotional items to come along in ages. I wear them!
I give them away in all my lectures around the world. What a terrific gift for patients who refer, who comply or accumulate token or points in your practice! I see male DRs wear them as collar pins or tie tacks! They are a great surprise gift to that little girl patient in your office who needs a boost, who looks especially cute today, who finally does what you needed done or learns to brush well… the reasons are endless. Actually, you need NO reason to give them! Like NIKE says, Just Do It!”
Rosemary Bray

Speaker, Trainer and Consultant to the Dental & Orthodontic Profession

“As an athletic director we are always looking for ways to ‘thank’ our supporters. In the past we have had an easy time finding things for our male backers. Thanks to Bracket Ears, with our customized Maryland logos, we now have a product that will help us connect with our female followers.”
Kevin Anderson

Athletic Director, University of Maryland

“We love the Bracket Ears and my patients are loving them too!! I particularly like the packaging.”
Dr. Eva Bryniarska

Edgar Buildings Dental Care (London, England)

“We offer a backpack or a t-shirt to our patients to choose from – Now they can choose Bracket Ears also and EVERYONE is taking the Bracket Ears only! The girls love them!! ”
Dr. Miles Gornekofi

“I plan to show my daughter and hopefully spread the word a bit. I hope to see the girls and their dad on Shark Tank (one of my favorite shows).”
Lisa Carmichael

Senior Account Executive, Baltimore Business Journal

“As a plastic surgeon, I pay close attention to the detail and quality of things I purchase. As CEO of Autism FYI, I was looking for a creative way for our Autism Registrants to show their membership and at the same time raise money and awareness for our organization. Using our logos for the
Registry and the Organization, BracketEars customized two covers for us for these purposes.
The customized charms exhibit great detail and quality. We couldn’t be more pleased.”
Dr. James Benjamin

Co-Founder and CEO, Autism FYI Org.

“Bracket Ears offer a unique, appealing and exceptional image for your practice.
The return on investment is nearly immediate!”
Dr. Gerry Samson

Pediatric Dentist, Orthodontist and Educator (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

“Earrings have arrived and they are really lovely! Thanks for all!”
Dr. Eleni Stil

Orthodontist (Germany)

“Everyone loves giving them out to our patients and the patients love receiving them.”
Dr. Michael Johnson

“Thank you Bracket Ears for creating such a fashion statement! Our patients love them! It also makes a great fundraiser for local charities!”

Studio 32 Orthodontics

“We are giving the Bracket Ears to all the girls with new ortho starts. They love them! ”
Dr. Mark McDonough

We’re proud of what individuals have said!

“It was great meeting you at the AAO. When I got home, I showed my 8 year old daughter the earrings. She loved them so much that she finally admitted she wants her ears pierced. I have been offering earrings to her and she says ‘no’. When she saw the Bracket Ears she thought they were so cute that even as stubborn as she is, she finally told me she is scared, but she will consider it!”

Even though I don’t have my ears pierced, I can’t wait to get them done to wear my Bracket Ears!”
Sydney H

“I love my Bracket Ears! I Can’t wait until I get braces to match! ”
Avery K

“Bracket Ears can be worn by people who are allergic to nickel and can only wear 10k gold.”
Kelly G

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending the earrings, charms and bracelet. Seeing the pieces in person really makes you see the great value and work these girls are doing. I am so inspired!”

“I like that I can change the colors.”
Vienna W

“Even though I got my braces off months ago, I still love wearing my Bracket Ears because I can change the colors to
match my outfit!”
Amy G

“I love everything about my Bracket Ears!”
Reegan M

“My younger cousin just got her braces put on and loves getting to choose the rubber bands. I got her a pair of Bracket Ears as a gift so she can change up her style (on her earrings) between visits. I know she loves these!”

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