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Licensed products of the Collegiate Bead Company


Bracket Ears Earrings and Budz offer you a way to grow your practice by showing support for a favorite team. Your patients will love the chance to wear their favorite college team mascot or symbol, and best of all they will talk about your practice to all of their friends.

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Almost an immediate Return On Investment

– Dr. Gerry Samson

Bracket Ears are one of the greatest promotional items to come along in age

Rosemary BraySpeaker, Trainer and Consultant to the Dental & Orthodontic Profession

Bracket Budz – Interchangeable charms that fit snugly over Lisa Classic earrings

Bracket Budz
Cursive Gators $1.99
The Roxie
Florida F $1.99
Bracket Budz
Florida Helmet $1.99
Bracket Budz
Florida Gators $1.99

Roxies – Dangling charms that work with both Lisa Classic and Lisa B earrings

The Roxie
Cursive Gators 99¢
Bracket Budz
Florida F 99¢
The Roxie
Florida Helmet 99¢
The Roxie
Florida Gators 99¢

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