Charms & Bracket BudzTM

Two styles | Over 100 designs| Customization available

Conversation starters, fundraisers, and expressions of who you are, our whimsical charms come in a wide assortment of designs that reflect your interests, passions, sports and hobbies. And if there is a charm you would like but don’t see, ask us about creating one! We customize upon request – and at minimal or no cost – for schools, teams, businesses and other organizations.

Bracket BudzTM – Bracket BudzTM are the latest addition to the Bracket Ears® line. These Patent Pending Latex Free Charms fit snuggly and securely over your Bracket Ears Classic earrings. They are available in a number of different designs and can be customized to meet your specific logo requirements for your team, school or any other idea you can think of.

Interchangeable charms that fit snugly on Lisa Classic earrings. Here’s How:

The Roxie –

Drop down attachments easily affix to any of our earrings or add them to your Gigi bracelet to create a charm bracelet that is uniquely you. Made of latex free plastic, they are so lightweight you will forget you’re wearing them until you start to hear the raves! Our charms average 1/3“ (12 mm) in length. Collections: Holidays,Sports, Animals,Past times,Causes.
100+ Roxie Charms available! Scroll down to see them all…


BracketEars® partners with schools, teams and other organizations to raise dollars and awareness. Ask us about creating BUDz or Roxie attachments with your team’s logo, mascot or any design to fit your organization or event. For more information, call, e-mail or ask us on Facebook.

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