Classic Bracket Ears Master Case with Boxes – 288 Pairs of Earrings and Charms

Sale Price: $1,440.00

Bracket Ears Master Case comes with 288 pairs of Classic earrings and 40 colorful elastic bands in blue (10), red (10), green(10)  yellow(10), all shipped in our signature Bracket Ears coral & aqua gift box.   With Lisa Classics + bands, your patients can literally “match their style with their smile.”  PLUS  576 pairs (288 packs) of assorted whimsical charms from our Everyday collections.  Collegiate and custom designed charms are available. Please call for special pricing.

The Master Case purchase includes:

  • 288 pairs of Gift-boxed Classic Earrings with 40 Colorful Bands.
  • 2 packs of Charms (attachments) per pair of earrings. (total: 576)
    • Regular price - $.99 per pack  /  Show Special - FREE!
  • 1 Revolving Display Stand + 4 laminated signs
    • Regular Price $20    /  Show Special  – FREE!

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